The Spiritually Logical Movement


I truly believe in the power of collaboration. I know that when we stand TOGETHER , we are STRONGER. The spiritually logical movement is all about recognising potential and doing everything we can to help that person become their best self, grow their business, raise their vibration and help them passionately pursue and live their true purpose.

“Helping others to align spiritually, harness that power and use it logically”


we are all one
we are all one


“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”- African proverb.


We rise by lifting other’s is the ethos of the movement, this is about creating a safe space for people to grow. The energy created when passionate people connect in synergy is something that can only be experienced, not explained.

behind the scenes
Behind the scenes with Louise Horan -This is the word online – CEO

We support, we guide and create a platform for like minded people. Exploring our awakening journey, our mindset , and our goals. This movement was created with the intention of collaborating, elevating and motivating. Teaching the Spiritually logical way of thinking, balancing through mindfulness practices like meditation and practically applying NLP, I truly believe this movement is the catalyst for positive change. The only intention is to give back authentically.


Once a month we invite members of the movement to an intimate uplifting event, a meeting of the minds, urban escape, where we can share, explore and have some fun. This is about inclusion and acceptance, coaching principles and tools should be available to everyone, we are all equal, remember, you have nothing to lose by giving.


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