” The answers are all inside you, If you’ve been looking for them,  a coach can help you draw the map” – CB

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My approach to coaching is exactly the same as my approach to life, live to give, focus on the solutions, be in the now and remember you have the answers inside of you. Coaching is not just something you do for an hour a week, it is a journey you go on, a commitment you make, a decision to do better.

I help my clients (whether an individual, organisation or a team) find a balance first so that they are able to excel from a level platform. Often we encounter problems in one area of  because of an imbalance in another.

The number one reason we don’t achieve our goals is because we are not specific enough about them, we miss the finer details that help us build the processes to make them become achievable. By examining our values and beliefs first we can establish the root of what is holding you back in any area. Utilising NLP and a range of mindfulness tools, we can create the internal state required to allow the external state to match it. Everything that’s ocuring you have created, and because of that fact, you can change it.

Whether it is relationships, change management, career, finances, goal setting, confidence, spiritual development, weight loss, phobias, motivation, pain, the list really is endless. I can help you re-programme your brain, so that you can first become the best version of you, and then have , do and be whatever you want. It all starts with a decision from you, to invest in yourself first.

Get in touch, all of the programmes are bespoke, this is not an off the shelf service. Authenticity is key, your true power is that nobody else is you.

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