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Char Bailey and her associates are people that simply love to help other people!  They provide life coaching, sports performance empowerment, as well as sales motivation that truly creates transformational change, having a lasting impact for organisations that are reliant on sales teams for business growth and development.

It’s not all business’ Char and her team are passionate about the development of young people, continually striving to give opportunities for the advancement of their emotional intelligence. Often working on projects in schools, the teams inspiring energy is always committed to making positive changes.

But don’t take our word for it…

“In a world where people are driven by greed and profit motives, Char Bailey is a rare gem.  She has a genuine desire to give of herself to help and see others succeed.  I felt her sincerity immediately upon meeting her, and I have been lucky enough to use her as a motivational coach since to improve my mental preparedness that has had a transformation in my sporting achievements. Char challenges me with questions of my thoughts and actions.  She encourages me to push myself beyond limits I did not think I was capable of and she provides me with praise and support to underpin . The best part is none of Char’s advice and coaching is in any way fake or condescending.  Char is a true blessing in my life. I highly recommend anyone looking for extra edge or a competitive advantage to give her ten minutes, and you’ll see the possibilities before you.”

Erik Uresk – Internationally renowned Mixed Martial Arts Professional Fighter & Coach

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