I’ve always used affirmations but I never called them that. I think the first one I started with came with heavy influence from my mom. I’d say i’m not and she’d argue that I was and over time I tried to do things to convince myself to agree with her. So I started with ” I am beautiful”.

Now I understand how we are programmed I use affirmations to help embed ideas into my subconscious. There is always going to be that voice in your head, and if you listen close enough to it you’ll recognise it as your own. One of the key elements I focus on with clients is listening to that voice without reacting to it. Usually that voice comes with some sass and often more opinion than truth. Sometimes that voice blurts stuff out into your mind, it can be pretty toxic. I’m never really in favour of cliches but we really do have to control what we can control when it comes to the mind and try as much as we can to observe the rest. So a useful tool is to remember how powerful your words can be and use them.


DO NOT think about a blue giraffe! If you are reading this DO NOT think about a blue giraffe. OK so my point is your brain does not understand negative language. I even put DO NOT in capitals and some part of you somewhere found a blue giraffe in your mind. THIS IS WHY its imperative to phrase your affirmations in the POSITIVE. So focus on what you DO want rather than what you DON’T ! ☺️

Here’s a recording I made using my voice notes on my phone, make one for yourself ( OR feel free to download mine using the three dots at the side ) and listen to it when you need to be reminded of what you’re grateful for 👍🏽

I am so happy and grateful…

Words are spells, that’s why they’re called spellings! Speak your goals into existence!

Here’s some examples of affirmations you might want to add into your ritual. I find it helps to start the day with or before bed. They’re also great for moments of anixety.

  • I make smart and calculated plans for my future
  • I am a money magnet I attract wealth and abundance
  • I am completely in charge of planning for my future
  • I let go of worries that drain my energy
  • The universe conspires in my favour, great things happen for me
  • I am in perfect balance
  • I am physically and emotionally connected and healed
  • I am free of worry and I am at peace with who I am
  • Every day I grow stronger and more relaxed
  • I help someone everyday
  • I love myself and my life
  • I am in control
  • I have choice
  • I am proactive
  • I am determined
  • I am decisive
  • I take risks
  • I smile
  • I live in this moment
  • I smash goals
  • I encourage and inspire others
  • I am better than yesterday
  • Good things happen for me
  • Money flows to me through multiple streams
  • I purposefully take positive steps towards achieving my goals
  • I am healthy and strong
  • I have everything I need to overcome anything I face
  • I am filled with gratitude and kindness for another day

Have a go at writing your own list. Start with 5 and don’t forget to mix it up and reinvent them as you grow !

Someone asked where can they donate, here, all funds go towards The spiritually logical movement and other CIC’s

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