We’ve all done this!


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“But coach, Dave who I went to uni with has already bought his house, got married, and i’m sure they have a baby on the way” just one of the thing’s you might say if you suffer from Comparissonitis. It’s really common, but guess what? It’s not real, just like the imagination dragon that send’s you into a spiral of negative thought’s, comparissonitis does much the same.

Generally It comes from the ego self, the self that says it wants to be equal to but secretly wants to be more than… It takes a lot of spiritual and logical growth to stop comparissonitis, there are however things you can do to get rid of the symptoms:

1, Focus on your goal, that shouldn’t be to the left or right, just straight ahead. Think of a sprinter, they never look at the other lanes always straight ahead to the finish line. If you’re not looking at your goal, you lose sight of it, if you can’t see it, trust me, it makes it a lot harder to get to.

2, Small consistent action, sometimes we get caught up trying to achieve massive things and forget about the small consistent actions that really create the momentum. work smart not hard, get the east stuff done and celebrate it.

3,Celebrate now, take note of how far you’ve come, it has not been easy, use those feelings to carry you forward!

4, Learn what you’re supposed to learn! if you don’t the same thing will keep on happening, it’s universal law, there’s no getting over it!

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