How to let go… Spiritually Logically

Tag someone you love… (5min read)
The process is not easy, you have to go through the acceptance process first which can be HARD  DOT COMMM!
Might cover that soon
1.Acceptance .
We stay so disbelieving that we stop moving.
Get out of what happened.
It’s not for you, it doesn’t serve you.
Focussing on the past, asking “what if” questions holds no value here, your perception is key.
Forward focus
2. Preparation.
Don’t put it off.
Run away from it.
Fear it.
This is the time you use your flexibility .
The most adaptable people win.
Make a plan. Think. Recovery.
We all know that when we’re emotional, we can’t think rationally, and therefore can’t make a plan. Put the emotion aside and build your strategy.
3.Execution.. is key.
Go and do it.
Put it to work.
Yes it will be un-comfortable.
Growth usually is!
We all read the secret, we all dreamed, believed and then expected to achieve, just a gentle reminder that between the believe and achieve part, there’s a lot of doing that needs to be done!
@iamspirituallylogical OR @char_bailey_ on instagram
There’s a lot more to letting go depending on the situation.
It’s simple but isn’t always easy!
If you got to here.
I love you.
If you got some value, let me know. REMEMBER this is just what works for me, don’t stop searching for what works for you.
We are all one

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