Spiritually logical

SPIRITUALLY LOGICAL – The internal balance between how you feel and what you do about it, the state of equilibrium achieved when an individual understands the differences between a human ‘BEING’ and a human ‘DOING’ – CB

So, you want to know more, but first let us thank you, the reason we can do this is because every day we come across incredible people who want to become the best versions of themselves and maximise their potential. That’s you, so, thank you!

 Our focus is others, someone great said “service to many leads to greatness” and that it is the driving force behind our spiritually logical movement. We believe that to have unity you do not need uniformity, and with that we aim to bring individuals, like-minded people together, to share in the journey we’re all on.

 Using Neuro linguistic programming, combined with spiritual practices (like meditation and breathing techniques), we have created the perfect platform and environment to promote spiritual and intellectual growth. Masterclasses, group activities and guest speakers are key to the process. Along with progression plans and 121 sessions. We make sure goals are set, we commit to our clients and we get results!  

If you are committed to making the changes you need to excel to the next level, we would love to hear from you. Book in for a no obligation 30minute consultation, or email to get onto the waiting list for Friday’s & Sunday’s in The Zen Zone (limited spaces available).

We can’t wait to be a part of your growth…

 The Spiritually Logical Team

See the video on the homepage for a review shot by Niahm Quinlan niahmquinlan@gmail.com

Please note: This is a Positive Mental Attitude development course, we will not work with individuals who discriminate against others, under any circumstances, for any reason.


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