Easy NLP

It sounds fancy Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but what it’s really about is human communication, and how we create our subjective world. Combined with the study of exceptional talent, NLP teaches us that anyone can achieve anything by creating the right habitual behaviours, everyone can be naturally talented. It’s all about how you see things, how you feel about them and most importantly what you DO about it.

The most important thing to grasp in NLP are the presuppositions … Read below and then get in touch at, char@charbailey.com to discuss. They will change your life, I will show you how.

Presuppositions may not be true , they are called presuppositions because you pre suppose they are true and then behave accordingly, this is how you get results.

The map Is not the territory > Just because you see something a certain way does not mean that it is

People work perfectly > Their structural behaviour may be leading them to negative outcomes but those outcomes can be changed by understanding the structure.

People make the best choice available at any given time > add choices to them by expanding their understanding and skill set.

People have all the resources they need >The internal responses needed to get a desired response, it is how they apply their behaviour to different circumstances.

The meaning of your communication is the response you get > If someone misunderstands you that is down to YOU not THEM. The best communicators are simply the ones who get the response they set out to.

You cannot NOT communicate > Silence, noise, humans are far too intuitive and intelligent to be not communicating, even if it is perceived differently or if it is one way, I.e. you could be communicating with someone who isn’t intentionally communicating with you.

Every behaviour has a positive intent, in some context > Dependent on the perception of the person.

There is no such thing as failure, only feedback > Every result gives you information

Possible in the world, means it is possible for me > Model successful behaviour

The person with the most flexibility in a system will have the most influence > having adaptability in communication style results in influence over more people

Mind and body are connected > self-explanatory, just keep in mind


Char Bailey NLP Practitioner
Personal Performance coach

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